Artist Statement


If I had to narrow down my practice to one word it would be travel. Travel is the root and touchstone to my practice. Looking at the liminal spaces between destinations, I want to portray the reflective nature and the exhaustion that comes when travelling.

Through art making I aim to depict multiple elements to the experiential side of travel, responding to how we share the contemporary travel image through painting.


“Technology. The Internet, the camera cell phone and the like have not only sped up the world’s information uptake, but they have cheapened that which they capture.” (Rollins, 2011)


Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have given people the opportunity to share every moment, putting images into a formatted frame for the world to see and even pinpointing the time and place in which the photo was taken. Through painting I aim to mimic the imagery we see and share in the ‘camera cell phone’ era without the sensualisation of location, describing the exhaustion through painting images of the run down un-homely places we come into contact with when on our way to a chosen destination.


I want my work to challenge the way we visualise the contemporary tourist experience and destroy the contrived rose-tinted imagery that we are subjected to on a day to day basis. My aim is to create images that cause the audience to reflect on their own experiences without the need to pinpoint place and time.


2018 – MA Painting, Wimbledon College of Art (UAL)


‘Beyond the Liminal’, National Poetry Library Collection, 2018



2019, Guest lecturer, Wellington College

2019, Guest lecturer, Wimbledon College of Arts


Curatorial Projects

2018, 62 Hands, Lewisham Art House


Awards and Grants

2019, Mall Galleries, FBA Futures Visitors Choice Award