Art Directors Guild certificate from New York

Art Directors Guild certificate from New York

Jack Candy Kemp: Artist, Scenic Artist

Welcome to the world of Jack Candy-Kemp!

Jack has been selling art work for over 10 years now and been working in the film industry as a scenic artist for 8.

He has a unique style which has been adapted over the years combining traditional scenic art techniques with his own thought provoking touch.

Jack has had the experience of working on 10 movies including 3 Harry Potters , War Horse, Edge of tomorrow , ‘Man from U.N.C.L.E’ and he has recently enjoyed living the dream working on the new Star Wars movie and in his private work has just completed painting number 7 of 10 mountain scape’s all created in a variant of styles in preparation for his art show later in the year.

Jack is also an avid and passionate shark enthusiast who has used his art to expose the cruelties imposed on shark species across the globe, this has included a painting taken up to Australia House in London to the stop the WA Shark Cull protest earlier this year where Jack presented the painting to Earth-Race Conservation after the demo to auction off at a later charity event.

Jack has recently produced a range of Anti Shark Fin Soup T-shirts  to help raise the awareness of the truly horrific levels of cruelty of the Shark Fin trade. These are designed and co designed by himself and good friend and colleague Steve Hedinger renowned lettering and décor artist.

Please feel free to contact me regarding my work or if you are interested in commissioning a piece,